Welcome to the PPARs slide library!
This slide library is a collection of some of the key slides presented by several speakers during the recent meeting on "PPARs: From Basic Science To Clinical Applications" that was held in Florence, Italy - April 4-7, 2001. Please, select the presentation from the pull-down menu. You can download the slides and view the corresponding abstract. You can also assemble your own custom presentation using the search tool by key words (i.e.: PPARalpha, PPARbeta, PPARgamma, LDL, HDL, ...).

Disclaimer: This Slide Library, including all information, text, graphics, images, and other material are for general educational purposes only and are not intended to be used for the purposes of providing medical treatment or attention or making medical or health-related decisions. This Slide Library is not a substitute or replacement for medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, we encourage you to consult a physician or other medical professional.
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