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The primary objective of the Lorenzini Foundation is to pass on to the medical world and to the community the latest and most significant scientific discoveries, especially the most recent developments in the experimental sciences.


The objectives of the Foundation in the last 30 years are:


  • spreading knowledge on the results of advanced scientific research.

  • Fostering interest in the world of science.

  • Collaborating with academia to ensure the constant updating of
    physicians and basic scientists.


In the last 30 years, the Foundation has focused particularly on supporting and fostering post-graduate scientific education and on promoting research.


The Foundation is particularly interested in specific research on:

  • the pharmacological control of plasma lipids, a recognised risk factor in atherosclerosis;
  • prostaglandins, a family of short-life compounds whose extremely differentiated activities affect the cells, organs, and systems of the human body;
  • women's health and menopause.

For many years, the Lorenzini Foundation has dedicated to the first two subjects a series of Congresses of reconised value - "Drug Affecting Lipid Metabolism" or DALM, and "Prostaglandins and Related Compounds" - which are held in Italy or in the USA.

The DALM and Prostaglandins Congresses now constitute a regular meeting for the scientists of these two sectors of biomedical research.
Much of the research work presented for the first time at these congresses subsequently received the Nobel Prize or other prestigious awards. In recent years, the Foundation has been deeply committed to research on the menopause and the many problems relating to this phase of a woman's life.



In the coming years, the Foundation will be heavily committed to expanding and innovating its role in the diffusion of scientific culture not only in Italy, but also throughout the rest of the world and, at the same time, to consolidating its long-standing tradition of independence.

The programs of the Foundation will focus on the scientific community, both in Italy and abroad, as well as on the medical profession and the wider community. In this context, the primary objective of the Foundation is to seek consensus in the scientific world on health themes of far-reaching importance for subsequent dissemination to the community at large.

Research into atherosclerosis and its complications, one of the most widespread diseases in Italy and in the world to-day will continue to play a main role in the activities of the Lorenzini Foundation.

As will the ongoing cooperation with the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS). These initiatives will continue to represent an arena for the comparison and discussion of developing original theories and for the most innovative experimental discoveries in the field of physiopathology and treatment of the most widespread diseases in modern society.

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