1st International Course on
Integrated Biomarkers

Biochemical and Bioimaging Endpoints in Cardiocerebrovascular Diagnosis,
Prevention, Therapy and Drug Development


Biomarkers 2005

To facilitate the dialogue among the multidisciplinary scientists, definition of the acronyms and of more specialized terms have been reported. Every amendment is welcome.

Andrea P. Peracino
Stefano Bellosta
Nicola Ferri
Riccardo Roggeri

Pattern recognition receptors, or PRRs, are a class of proteins which are employed by the cells of the immune system to identify molecules common to microbial pathogens but not present in mammalian cells. They are key elements in innate immunity as well as influence the development of adaptative immunity. Among the molecules recognised by these PRRs are: lipopolysaccharide (LPS) of gram negative bacteria, peptidoglycans and lipotechoic acids from Gram positive bacteria, mannose residues, bacterial DNA, N-formylmethionine, viral double-stranded RNA and fungal glucans.


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