1st International Course on
Integrated Biomarkers

Biochemical and Bioimaging Endpoints in Cardiocerebrovascular Diagnosis,
Prevention, Therapy and Drug Development


Biomarkers 2005

To facilitate the dialogue among the multidisciplinary scientists, definition of the acronyms and of more specialized terms have been reported. Every amendment is welcome.

Andrea P. Peracino
Stefano Bellosta
Nicola Ferri
Riccardo Roggeri

A table showing the performance of each calibrator with respect to the calibration response curve, giving for each calibrator: - Concentration: The nominal calibrator concentration. - the Ybar: the average response - the XCalc: the estimated concentration from the average response for the calibrator. - Nominal: the result from XCalc divided by the value of the nominal concentration, expressed as a percentage. - Replicates: the number of replicates for the calibrator.


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